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REVIEW: imagine if – You Forgot the Mince @ Interplay Theatre

thumbnail_Prince Plockey and Francesca Joy in YOU FORGOT THE MINCE (Imagine If photographer Chris Gardner)_p

Emma Roberts reviews imagine if’s play You Forgot the Mince at Interplay Theatre, Leeds.

This play follows the traumatic and tumultuous dynamics of an abusive relationship between a young couple from Leeds, Rosa and Nico, played by Francesca Joy and Prince Plockley with Ursula Mohan playing Rosa’s “grandma”.

From the start of the audience is gripped in the thrilling rapture observing what feels initially like the innocent intensity of a new love connection.

Joy and Plockley play the characters Rosa and Nico with eerie precision showing the quick shift from the hedonistic connection to dangerous liaison. With intelligent choreography, set, lighting, and musical score designed to seize your attention as you bear witness to the intense sexual tension between Nico and Rosa.

You are swiftly led into the darker deepening spiral of a co-dependent relationship, in which both Nico and Rosa become isolated into a world marked by equal amounts of sudden bursts of passion and violence. This leaves you questioning how to think and feel.

Joy and Plockley’s playing of Rosa and Nico interactions during each scene are perfectly composed to reflect the painfully haunting traumatic toxic mix unfolding between Nico and Rosa of mental pain arising from a lack of maternal contentment, loss and grief that proves unbearable for all the characters. The intensity of the gritty and raw emotion creates explosive scenes leaving you reeling following this roller coaster ride of a play.

Joy and Plockley boldly lead the audience with this intensely energetic, frenetic, performance, taking you to the depths of desperation, pain, anxiety, fear and rage, with the intention of raising your awareness of the complexities of human relationships.

The audiences was left stunned and evoked left to contemplate their own inner conflict at the end of show, left feeling both compassion for Nico’s character and Rosa’s grandmother who becoming an innocent victim in the couples destructive dynamic.